Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Black and White Swoon and How To Get It In Your Wardrobe

I love black and white in the wardrobe.

Simple yet effective and very elegant is the way I describe wearing black and white.
It is my favourite choice in the wardrobe and often you will find me in this combo. The best bit about black and white is you can dress it right up to pure elegance and show stopping beauty or you can dress it down to casual chic yet sophisticated.

Black and white with either denim, or a splash of bling - lot's or a little - and even a small dash of colour will always take you to "hello!!!!"

Here are my black and white tips to get you started.

The Basics - ideas for the wardrobe:

* You need a really good white tank top. Good cut, and solid construction. With a scarf or beads on jeans, skirts or pants it's a win.
* A white shirt is a must. Look for one that has sleeves with cute cuffs or buttons up the front that give the shirt some personality. Pleats or detailing that blend into the "white" are all = do! You want to be able to wear it flowing out for a casual look or make it work with black skirts and slacks for classic up style charm. Don't forget loads of beads and necklaces or keep it simple letting the shirt speak for itself.
* A black fine knit top. Find one that hugs your figure with cute sleeves that flatters. Perfect for over the top of your white dress cuff shirt or on it own with a cute belt to add your personal style.
* A fabulous black scarf. Be choosy with the material it's made out of for the season your currently in then any studs, thread details and touches of bling are perfect. Patterned in black and white stripe, floral, dots or shapes are amazing too.
* A fabulous white scarf. White on white is simply wonderful. Lacy, slim, silk, breezy. It adds layers of light and sophistication no matter your style from grunge to classy uptown looks.
* A good pair of blue denim jeans or skirt which will causal the black and white down.
* A great little black dress is perfect to elegant it up. Keep it simple and let the dress do the talking with a splash of one type of accessories - either the: shoes, earrings, clutch or make-up.
*The white dress. Not often talked about but so versatile and fresh. With jackets or jewels you really need a white dress in that wardrobe.
* A cute and amazing cut white or black blazer or suit jacket. This "jazzes" it up big time but paired with jeans brings casual elegance.
*Skinny or straight leg black jeans (non - fading) YOU NEED - THEY FILL THE GAP PERFECTLY - (YES I AM SHOUTING THIS).
*The black suit skirt. So versatile. With a collared shirt it works, with a sloppy trendy jumper it works.
*The clutch. Go black or go white it works for a win for either smooth casual or absolute glam.
*Accessories. Lot's or a little. Start a collection of black, white or clear sparkly jewels from brooches to bracelets, earrings to rings, etc. This will give your basic black and white clothing pieces variety and different looks for all the different occasions.
*Lipstick. Oh my this is fun. Black and white with bright red or deep burgundy, orange reds, pink flushes... Seriously amazing. Keep the rest of your make-up paired down and let those lips and shades do all the noticing against the black and white.

From here think what you could do with: boots, heels, vests, jumpers, belts, stockings, bags, make-up, tattoos and more.

There you have it. My tips for starting your black and white charm. Where you take it from here is easy and totally up to your style. One thing is for sure you are going to bring it!

Fall in love with a black and white wardrobe, totally beautiful.

(Image from Pintrest)

For more inspiration and looks check out my pintrest board of black and white here.

What is your favourite black and white piece in your wardrobe?

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  1. Thanks for this, I'm actively curating my wardrobe to be simple, minimal, and affective and these tips will really help. I'm the same way, really love black/white, works super well with my complexion and can make you look put together effortlessly. :)


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