Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wardrobe Essential's: Gumboots.

My wardrobe must haves:

I love gumboots.

Jumping in puddles, easy to slip into - maybe a little hard to pull off but that's the fun of it right! Bright and colourful or patterns and prints.

There is just so much rain at the moment. I'm not one to complain much knowing that our land needs as much water as it can get since the last decade of drought but it sure is heartbreaking to watch people being flooded over and over - I send you love, cheer and hugs wishing I could hold back that water for you.

Where I am we are soggy. With a school run to do everyday the fighting of cars galore and the people storm of picking up kids at 3 o clock is hard enough some days to navigate, then it rains. Lot's of rain. It is school drop off and pick up mayhem nightmares with water going everywhere. I am wet, cranky and over it - just saying.

Gumboots!  Gumboots are the answer to those puddles and wet hems - I hate wet hems (yep I hate stuff too).

Gumboots = perfect, easy and fun. We need fun.

Gumboots really will revolutionize your life in the rain.

Gumboots are beautiful.

Is there anything cuter then pink children's gumboots!!!
Miss three's sick of the rain cause I want to go outside and play face (complete with vegemite). 
It's even too rainy for gumboot puddle play.

Some yummy gumboot ideas and swooning:

I just can't go past red gumboots!
Stylish plaid.

How cheerful are these happy orange gumboots perfect for the little ones!
Swoon - I love these.
So Sweet and Pink.
Loving this fold down flare.
Love the bow.
More dots - you can never have enough!
Yes please heels and laces! 
Stripes and Nude = perfect.
Bow scream.
Pink candy.
Even more dots.
In love - my personal fave.

Hope these give you some great gumboot style ideas - go on cause 
you get to have beautiful fashion fun because you are the beautiful. 



  1. Love how you call them gum boots! ;o) What a selection, it would be hard to choose from. I know what you mean about dreaded school runs in the rain, total chaos!!

    1. Love to know what you call gum boots Sarah? :) I am glad to see the sunshine today after all this rain and hope you get some lovely warm rays too. xxx


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