Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I love sunshine.

I have always been a sunshine girl. Warm rays with light that is soft and yellow, that glows happiness.

Sunshine is beautiful especially after it has been grey and raining for days.

We all have rain in our lives don't we? I'm talking challenges, heartbreaks and disappointments. Some have lot's, the kind that is big and hard that drowns out everything.  Others have drizzle that leaves the day simply grey, cold and unsure. Then there is every other kind of rain in between.

These rainy day moments and feelings are tough to navigate and can leave us feeling downcast, hurt, alone, lost and confused but I am learning that I get to be the sunshine when it rains. Despite my circumstances,  and yes the circumstances are very real and how we feel is how we feel, I still chose to be sunshine to myself and to those around me.

I can care in a loving way for my needs, my families needs and my friends needs, even strangers who we share this world with. In the rain I can still be encouragement, hope, health, peace, a helping hand and cheer. I can give, I can be real and inspire by facing the rain and I can love - all rays of sunshine.

We all need and long for sunshine when it rains. It's not about being perfect, a loner, self-pity or living in denial but just allowing and sharing the beautiful that you are - your heart - to others, me and you because all need to feel the rays of people giving a damn, giving some care and giving love.

I chose to be sunshine even when it hurts in that rain.

I love being sunshine with you all.


  1. I do the the feeling of warm sunshine on my shoulders but I'm also someone who like to get cosy by the fire in winter. Last day of Summer today! xo

  2. Happy last day of summer hope it is just beautiful for you and that cosy fire sounds really good too.


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