Thursday, 21 February 2013

Babe Power: #othursday (Other Gorgeous Blogs)

I love others!

My #othursday goes to teacups too.

This blog is delightful, honest and your heart feels so warm after visiting Em. You want to smile and share with this gorgeous gal who just makes you feel glad to be in life for everything it holds - the ups and downs. You will fall in love with and look forward to reading her blog - every post. Click here to see for yourself.

Today I am linking with Em to share a cup of tea. This is fun because it's here that we can just be ourselves and chat about all things that fill our hearts and our daily "do" in the weeks.

So... If you were to tea with me this week I would be delighted to see you. I would run around the house before you arrived making it clean and shiny and hope you did not notice the playdough ground into the chair fabric from Miss 3 and her daily playdough addiction.
I would have a couple of simple tea light candles going just because I would want you to feel beautiful while here. I would then pick from my tea pots one that I would think you would find lovely to have tea poured from and the same for the cup. We would be saturated in sunlight that is streaming in along with the lovely breeze of late summer.

We would sit and chat. You would hear me talk about how my kids have been sick this week and I've been up most nights cleaning up vomit and then soothing sore throats and fevered brows with hair stroking and special juice drinks (juice with inner health plus in it).

I would blush and share with you the child's book I am attempting to write and illustrate and how I hope young children would just adore my fun character then agonize and suggest that maybe I am crazy and need to get a real job???

We would discusses some deep heart to heart matters because tea with me always ends up with us going really deep and into the heart matters of life but I would have your back and listen. I care and I hear you.

I would then share with you the recipe to my lemon slice which is the yummy goodness that we are munching on as we begin to talk all things health because I have a not so secret passion for health knowledge and nutrition.

We would have to have another piece of that slice as you shared your grand plans for the year. I would encourage you to believe in yourself and totally go for that dream or to try that idea for you, or your children, hubby, or work.

I would tell you that you are simply so beautiful and look forward to tea again as we realize how much time has passed while we were caring, sharing and enjoying.

See you next week for tea.


  1. Love your beautiful post - you are too sweet!
    And I've loved 'listening' to your chit chat, your pretty teapots (and you're a lipton girl hey? I might have to bring a Twinings teabag when i come for a visit, hehe!)
    And I would be encouraging you 100% on writing that book, and be so impressed, and in awe at the courage you have in doing so - live that dream beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you so much Em mwah, you such a gift at making people feel really special, you are amazing. Thank you so much for letting me link with you and share my humble cuppa tea chats. My Lipton tea bag looks like a product placement lol! Lipton was all I had in the cupboard but when organised I am a loose leaf tea girl and we would be brave and try some exciting blend together and if a disaster I would welcome your Twinings teabag. :)

  2. Can I come too? Sounds fun. I may get jealous of your book idea & attempt to utwist your arm into illustrating my children's book idea! Lol!.
    Love your signature by the way. Is that another illustraitor extraordinaire perk?

    1. Yes please come Una Opiyo, the more the merrier and beautiful. Unfortunately my signature is a computer font - yes it's a cheat. How exciting that you have written a children's book too. I totally would encourage you to go for it and publish that book for you and all your precious future readers - amazing!!!

  3. Lovely post -- I'm feeling as if I have just had a cuppa with a friend! Get cracking on that book. I want a sneak peak already. And hope those cherubs of yours are feeling more beautiful as the week has worn on.

    1. Vida you are just beautiful and so kind to me. My girls are on the mend and we have watched a lot of Barbie movies over the last few days while they are home from school. You would be so welcome to have a cuppa with me any time, anywhere.

  4. Firstly, there would be no need to tidy.... I don't notice mess in other people's homes, only my own... Secondly, I would be honoured that you shared the book you are writing.
    I am so excited and wish you all sorts of wonderfulness and success... So happy that you are doing what you love xx

  5. Hi Leah, thank you so much for popping over and having a cuppa. I popped over to you and I am so glad I did as your site is just beautiful. Hope to visit lots xxx


Chats with you are my fave.