Friday, 22 February 2013

Beautiful Style: Rocking The Weekend In Casual Edgy Threads

I love hanging out all casual like in blue jeans on the weekend.

Laid back, doing a bit of this or a bit of that, out the door or stay inside, movie watching, cooking, playing with the kids, magazines and a glass of vino.

I am planning to have a laid back weekend. I am going to listen to some old 80's music, watch a chick flick, cook some lemon slice that I mentioned in yesterday's post because now I am craving it, read that magazine with that vino. I may even sneak a nap on the couch while my girls think I am watching a Barbie movie with them for the zillionth time.

Most of all I want to be comfortable, but not a slob. I want to know if I have to run out the door for a spot of ice-cream or because we ran out of milk that I can just slip some sandals on and feel confident that I can be seen in public.
For me this means blue jeans casual style.

Here is some inspiration for wearing your blue jeans for a laid back weekend -  I am swooning!

Blue denim jeans are beautiful.
Tights under your ripped jeans - this is cool.

Aztec love.
Oversize everything.
I love a hoodie for those cold rainy weekends - pair with some 
really big gold bangles if sunglasses are not needed in the drizzle.
Go for the brightest.
Black top of choice, and a relaxed style belt - think scarf, 
leather strap, material strip of choice - but no buckles.
Checks and rolled cuffs swoon.
The oversized knit, it screams casual style.
Stripes are never wrong ever and a chunky watch finishes the look.

Classic white and denim, you just can't go wrong. 
Why not add a pop of colour with some bright colourful earrings.


  1. Brilliant pics, love EVERYTHING here. Time for a bit of a wardrobe revamp I think! xo

    1. I love all these looks and the hardest bit is to pick which style to go with. You just can't go wrong with blue jeans on the weekend. Have a lovely weekend too in your gorgeous country home. xxx


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