Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Beautiful Food: The Best Ever Cupcake Recipe

I love cupcakes.

In our house the pinker the cupcake the better and my two daughters fight over who will lick the beaters while sneaking fingers into the mixture for that yummy batter swipe to taste.

Cupcakes are a fave to bake in our house and I am proud to share with you today my mum's original cupcake recipe that I as a little girl enjoy helping her make and sneaking my own mixture swipes.
Nothing is nicer then cooking and sharing handed down recipes that your mother or grandmother or even great grandma baked = perfect.

I swoon over cupcakes and I don't know who can resist these yummy treats in sweet patty cases.

With giggles, chats about all things butterflies and flowers, the girls and I cooked and iced these cute little cakes of happiness. They are simple but yummy and not a crumb was left.
I hope you enjoy them with your precious children, lover or friends.

CUPCAKES: - Note: Have all ingredients at room temperature.

100g butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk with a big squirt of lemon juice - trust me this is key to light fluffy cake when it hits the bi-carb.
1, 1/4 cup self raising flour
1 tsp bi-carb
A good splash of vanilla.

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer for around 2 minutes.
Allow mixture to stand for 1 minute so the bi-carb and lemon can do it's loving thing!
Spoon mixture in your choice of divine patty cases.
Cook in a Moderate oven (180 degrees C or 160 degrees C for Fan Forced) for around 10 - 15 minutes depending on amount in cases and size - best to keep an eye on them.
Allow to cool and then ice as you desire and decorate.


Cupcakes are beautiful.

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  1. Yum! I'm always on the hunt for a good cupcake recipe. Thanks for sharing! xo


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