Saturday, 26 January 2013

Oh So Beautiful: Lately

1. Loving my blog at the moment and sharing with you all the beautiful. Thank you for all the lovely comments you are writing to me xxx. Please feel free to join and share with me the beautiful in life.
2. Meeting Lalaloopsy "Sparkle Jewels" Miss 7 favourite because they share the name Jewel.
3. Selfie as I drive around to pick up endless school supplies and new uniforms for this coming Tuesday.
4. Loving the curves as I fall in love with straight leg jeans - be brave and try a new style, one that you have really wanted to for a while :) Read about it here.
5. Raining, raining, raining,  then some more and the wind. This photo does not do justice to the wind I am trying to capture.
6. Raisin toast love as I treat myself to simple and warm comfort food while it rains outside - did i mention it's raining. Read about it here.
7. So proud to be an Australian. Happy Australia Day. Australia is beautiful.


  1. A cup of tae & some raisin toast is the perfect break ! Happy Australia Day x

  2. Oh yes :) and it is pouring rain here so it is that perfect break. Happy Australia day to you Leanne and I hope it is just beautiful and fun for you. xxx

  3. I'm slightly envious of all that rain, Perth is dry, still dry, always so DRY! ;)
    Oh, a little envious of meeting La La Loopsy too! My girls are crazy over their La La dollies!
    Have a great public holiday and a beautiful week xxx

  4. Hi Em, Thank you so much for visiting. La La Loopsy is just the latest things with my little girl and all her friends - the collection is growing. I wish you some lovely rain just enough to take the dry away and make things lovely and green and maybe enjoy a hot chocolate or something in it's rainy cozyness. If not, then a lovely cool drink of your fave :).

  5. You sure did find the beautiful!

    thanks so much for linking up with the stills collection!

    xo em


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