Thursday, 31 January 2013

Babe Power: #othursday (Other Gorgeous Blogs)

Showing off the beauty that others are being and bringing:

I love others!

My #othursday goes to Fox In Flats.

I adore this site. I really adore this site, this site is amazing - total fashion help swooning.

Meet Andrea creator of Fox in Flats. She is absolutely gorgeous and her site is all about doing motherhood in style.

I am a regular visitor, reading up on as many of her fabulous tips for fashion, beauty and motherhood as I can and I really have no idea how I survived before her site with all those broken night sleeps, Vegemite hand smears, and the school yard mums mingle while trying to keep stylish.

You will love Fox In Flats as it is all things feminine and fun while we do the thing we love most - being a mother (and of course the rest). There is tips and advice for working in the office to what to wear at the park and wonderful interviews with our favourite celebs and how they are doing fashion and motherhood.
It is practical, realistic, very stylish helpful and brings beauty no matter your personal vibe.

This site = fashion perfect.

Fox In Flats is bringing the beauty and Andrea is beautiful - making mums around the world feel gorgeous.
Thank you Andrea for being the beautiful to all us girls.

Andrea has turned the month of February into #FABruary - a style challenge for everyday in Feb using Instagram etc. I am so in and looking forward to the challenge of styling it up for fun and motherhood. You so have to join and do it too. Go to the site for all the details and the #FABruary list.

You can visit Fox In Flats here to fall in love with her site.  And don't forget to follow Fox In Flats on Instagram here if you want to do the style challenge. Links to Fox In Flats Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter pages are also available from the site.

Swooning over Andrea from Fox In Flats:

Fun and beautiful.

Style baby style.

 Website sneak peek.

You so have to join.


  1. WOW! This is so, so amazing Elizabeth! Thankyou so much for your kind words - I'm overwhelmed.
    x Andrea

    1. Oh no, I am the one who is thankful for your amazing site Andrea. You have saved me one too many times as a mum and my wardrobe. Thank you, thank you. xxx

  2. Love this feature! And Andrea. She is fabulous.

    1. Thank you so much Katherine and thank you for visiting. Isn't' what Andrea created amazing and I am so reading up her tips at Fox In Flats all the time. Have a gorgeous weekend and I hope the beautiful finds you. xxx


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