Monday, 21 January 2013

Beautiful Style: I'm Not Good With Skinny

I love straight - straight jeans I mean.

You see when this "skinny jean" craze hit I was like: sure, ok, it will pass, whatever, I'm so not doing it.

It did not pass!

It grew on me.

It is the fashion and...
... It's true I actually love skinny too.

The problem is that I was not blessed with those skinny pins that you need to pull off this look that = stunning. The fact is I was just plain old envious of the girls who could wear them and look super stylish.
You see I have hips and I have thighs. I'm not a big girl I've just have been blessed with what I like to call strength in my legs (Let's just go with it, it's a comfort to me :) ) and I have curves.

You will usually find me in a pair of dark blue boot leg jeans but I do confess my secret wish has been to wear those skinnies.  Skinnies, ballet flats, cute top - oh heaven and very in fashion.

It's not going to happen.

Then one day I was out jeans shopping and decide against my bootleg sense to try a pair of straight leg jeans on - I knew I was in denial of my body shape but my want was too great. Maybe there was a middle ground. I just had to see...

... OMG  Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it, they look great, they totally made my day, and I loved my curves.

Straight leg jeans gave me the appearance of skinny jeans but added enough bulk around my ankles, and a little more room at my knees to even out my curves up top, you know from those hips you get after child birth.
Ahhhhh, so, so, excitedly happy. I finally had that stream line, fashionable look I had been longing for.

I am not good with skinny but straight, it works for me.

Straight is beautiful.

What type of jeans girl are you?  - Straight, skinny, bootleg?

Have a gorgeous week. 


  1. I love curves. I have them and I think it is really important to embrace them. Especially when you are growing impressionable young girls. I love straight too ;-)

    1. Yes I agree, I want my girls to have a healthy view on being a girl - women - mother. I get cranky at the media for always showing one body type that is not actually realistic hence my girls magazine book I wrote to promote healthy self-esteem and acceptance talking to girls about knowing they are unique, diverse, and allowed to be simply them and that is what is beautiful. xxx

  2. Very nice! You could totally pull off some skinny jeans :) I love straight and skinnies myself. Wish I could pull of a bit of a high waist but these bubbas of mine sure changed my body.

    1. Oh Bec, how kind are you xxx. My body totally changed after having babies and it was a bit of a shock so I'm working on accepting the things I can not change and embracing the things that I can love about my body even if it means missing out on some fashion fun. Thank you for your lovely comment, you are just beautiful.


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