Friday, 18 January 2013

How To Enjoy Nothing

I love nothing!

What I mean is those days where you have nothing planned, nowhere to go, no rushing, just nothing!

As a mum I love getting out with my children, doing things with friends and family, with cousins and playmates. I love parties and events but how good are those days (especially on the holidays) where you have nothing, you wake to nothing = ahhhh bliss.

You can sleep in, stay in your pj's, eat cereal for dinner, and go and be wherever you want all at your own leisure and desire - at home or out! (though I would advise changing out of pj's if going out!)

Movie watching on the couch, a stroll to your fave outside hangout, baking that dish you may have wanted to for a long time, kids playing with toys that have been in the cupboard since forever, feeding the ducks, eating ice-cream just because (there is always ice-cream), accidentally falling asleep after lunch on the couch, colouring in for hours, just being, and even dare I say it -  time to just sit being able to do your nails - nail scream!

Nothing is beautiful. (Big full stop. :) )

Ahhh after a nothing day you feel content, as full as it has been with nothing.

Where is your "nothing" spot!
What have you done on a "nothing" day.

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*I want to see pj's, food, your fave spot to be in, activities of noting etc.....

Some of my nothing shot's on my nothing doing days:

Just being.


Couch sitting, movie watching and our unglamorous look.
(This look is very important on a nothing day).

Colouring in.

Sneaky arvo accidental nap - the best!

Just being wherever we want to be.

Toy fun pulled from the back of the cupboard.

Still in my pj's lounging.

Easy baking just because.

Nail scream!


  1. I am a huge fan of nothing days. Have been doing exactly that for the last 2 days!!! x

    1. Isn't it great!!! Hope your two days are filled with the beautiful in the nothing. :) Thank you for stopping by. xx


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