Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Beautiful Mag Book - The Essential Girl's Book.

I love telling girls they are beautiful.

You are GREAT, you are SPECIAL, you are UNIQUE, you are AMAZING, you SPARKLE and SHINE, you are BEAUTIFUL.
Every girl needs to hear these word and every girl deserves these words forever because it's the truth.

It has been a passion of mine for many years to tell the young girls of this world that they matter, are valuable and are so, so beautiful because they were created this way - to be them.

My personal childhood story was of having a mother who struggled with self esteem which displayed itself in severe anorexia and bulimia who went on to lose her life when I was 19. Now as a mother of two young girls myself, I know first hand how important it is it build up our gorgeous girls in the truth that they are important and are perfectly, beautifully made just as they are in all diversity. They are allowed to be themselves.
I watch as my own girls are drawn to all things beautiful from fun and games to fashion and beauty and my heart is for them to enjoy their life as a girl  growing up with age appropriate fun anchored with appropriate values that release them to be beautiful them.

A few years ago I produced and ran a magazine called Begirl Magazine that went Australia wide and overseas. It was very popular and each week I would receive letters upon letters from tween girls thanking me for the fun magazine and all the friendship and body image advice we offered. It shocked me that girls as young as 6 were already struggling with their own body image, self esteem, confidence and also how to have friends.
We live in a world where the media is a massive influence on how women and young girls should supposedly look and be, mostly majoring on ones outside appearance and we have less then elegant role models bombarding the screens. It is affecting our young girls who already feel at a tender age that they just don't measure up or have to act and dress in a "sexy" way to be accepted or to be cool.

This girls book, Beautiful - A Girl's Essential Mag, is dedicated to all the primary girls of the world up. It's a magazine style book full of self confident and healthy self-esteem girl talk. It has friendship tips and advice on making friends and also dealing with negative friendship or bulling situations. It is full to the brim of fun activities and ideas to do or make for every season of the year. There is party ideas for super funky friendship hanging out and the book shares makeup,  fashion and hair tips as our girls have fun with all things glitter, gloss and  funky while totally being them-self. There is games and quizzes to giggle at too.
This book really is the essential girl's book covering all and it's a special book just for them - they will love it, so will you and it will last your little girl for years.

Little girls just love magazines so here is a great one and it's electronic which is perfect for the modern generation. I want one in every girl's hand so they can learn, believe and know and that they were born beautiful, they can be confident, and they can have fun as they are.
They will remember these foundational words of truth their whole life as they grow into beautiful young women, being amazing in this world and bringing the beautiful - them, from the inside to the out.

Thank you for building our girls because it really matters and I would love for you to get on board with me and tell our girls they are beautiful just as they are.

This eBook is available below so to download this PDF book to your home computer, smart phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet pc Click here to buy this mag from Esty

Written for girls aged 6 - 12 in 65 pages of full colour fun $4.50 AUD


I would love it if you shared this with all your friends who have little tween girls in their lives. 
Let's get it out there.

Love always

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lovely Monday and Pink Cake

Happy beautiful Monday everyone.
I hope your week is simply lovely but more importantly you know that you are the altogether lovely.

You are the lovely of this world.
Kind, caring, beautiful, strength filled, courageous, giving hope and love.
Believe the whisper... you are the lovely. Believing this can change your world. You have been created lovely.

Some Pink Cake

Today we made pink cake.
Yes I am obsessed with pink cake.
We made cake for Ella-Jewel's friend who has come over for a morning of dress ups and make believe fun. Cake that was pink was a must.

I love pink cake but I love having friends around more.
Whether it's my children's friends or my very own grown up friends I just love surrounding myself with the people in my life. I love it to simply love on them and to take time to be with them. When a friend rings, or drops around, or we invite them over for a big old feast  or just a cuppa it truly makes life shine. Life get's busy and it can be an effort at times when in the busy but loving your friends is the best kind of busy and effort. It's easy, more then easy, it's living, it's lovely.

For today, cake and my daughters little sweet friend was the perfectly lovely way to start the week.

It's no cake art but it's pink!

I could not get the middle one to smile I think it's the "3" in her.

What is more perfect then a pink cake? Cherry jam layers inside!!!

Just lovely.

What does your lovely week look like?