Friday, 16 November 2012

Wear Your Tiaras Note

I love tiaras.

Glitter and sparkles, full of jewels, place one on your head and you immediately feel so, so special and set apart. 

Yesterday I found my precious 3 yr old with not one but two tiaras on. She was beaming and I knew that she felt especially special with her two precious crowns.

I love what wearing a tiara does as it is placed on one's head. We beam and twirl as a small child or to us grown up women it allows us to feel just so beautiful. It just makes us feel  special, one of a kind, and valuable. As I looked at my little girl loving her tiaras she was so content just being what she knew she was -  doubly special.

As a grown women I find it is rather socially unacceptable to go out in public wearing a tiara in the everyday (yep). Outside of being a bride, having a random fun girls night or going to a very grand event you will not see me wearing one. If  I did  you would say I was unusual, crazy and a little lot weird. (Although please do share if you do wear a tiara out and about!)
Unable to wear a jewellery tiara does not mean that we can't still wear a tiara. I speak of wearing our God given created beauty. The truth of knowing we are special, unique, one of a kind, valuable and very diversely beautiful in the everyday. In the rush of task, washing, cleaning, work, parenting, everything and anything you find in your day we can wear this truth - it is our given glory, our crown. 
We are created beautiful, we get to be the beauty of this world and it does pours forth from our heart -us girls just can not stop what is in our hearts being poured out.  Each of us really is special, unique, one of a kind, diverse, set apart and so very valuable and that is what we can let sparkle always, at every moment, no matter what. 

The real truth for me is that I, and maybe you, probably kind of already know or have heard lots of times that we are the above - beautiful - but I don't know if we actually believe it or realize just how much beauty and value we really really are and  really really do bring to this world. Just like my daughter, instead of just one tiara of immense value we are double, triple, a thousand times more then what we think we are. We are far more then we ourselves dare to believe and we bring far more then what we ourselves can imagine. You are just beautiful beyond any compare.

Found and she is beaming!
Double tiaras but a thousand times she gets to wear: valuable, special, beautiful, unique.
Like a true princess enough from the cameras.

Wear them all!


  1. So true. We shouldn't deny ourselves our "tiaras", whatever they may be. For my mum, it's painting her toes. For my sister, it's choosing HUGE rings. I, however, DO wear my tiara whenever I feel the need for it -- societal norms be danged! Besides, if my son can be Spider-Man at the supermarket I don't see why I shouldn't enjoy my treasures...

    1. Totally love your thoughts and agree, we so get to enjoy the things that makes us feel gorgeous wherever we are whenever we feel. I also just love how our kids are free to dress up and be who they want to be. My daughters are regulars at the shops as snow white or caped action girls complete with masks. Thank you for chatting. xx


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