Friday, 9 November 2012

Beautiful Food: How To Poach An Egg

Have you ever marvelled at how something is achieved, something seemingly easy yet you yourself are unable to do the deed that you so admire or want?

Eggs and I are like this. Yes eggs!
I love poached eggs.
I love to eat poached eggs.
I want to cook a poached egg.
I cannot.

Until... the day before. I had to master this so I went online and Curtis Stone helped me out - He's that awesome Australian chef.
Guess what? It worked - yay, yay for me.
I got my poached egg and it was the best I had ever eaten (bias much). I stared that method down and I attempted my deed of impossible and then = yum yum.

It is simply beautiful to attempt something for the first time - one poached egg.

Here is how to poach an egg with help from my YouTube mate Curtis Stone:

My first ever Poached Egg:

What will you attempt?


  1. Wow, for a first attempt, that looks awesome Elizabeth! Well done!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Also slightly tickled pink for having made your blog roll... thank you, you are so sweet.

    1. Thank you Pink Ronnie, yes I follow you on instagram and am new to your blog but am loving it. You are just absolutely beautiful.


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