Monday, 19 November 2012

Lemon Ginger Tea Note

I love lemon ginger tea.

In the morning it is a pot of sunshine and warmth - a happy morning, let's get into it joyful sigh moment.
This ramps up your liver, warms your blood ready for action, and brings taste satisfaction.

Lemon Ginger Tea:
Boil your kettle and allow to sit for around 10min.
Slice 1-2 slices of lemon and place in your fave pot (if no pot use a jug of some sort)
Grate as little or as much raw ginger as you would like to your taste and place it also in fave pot.
Pour water into pot and allow to sit for as little or as much as you want for your taste intensity.
Pour lemon ginger tea into your favorite morning cup through a tea strainer (if pot has it's own basket place ingredients in it at beginning).
Enjoy the happiness.

Lemon ginger tea is beautiful in the morning.
What is your fave morning brew?


  1. COFFEE!!!!!!! Definitely my morning brew :)

  2. Ha ha Bec, there is definitely a time of day for everyone for COFFEE! x


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