Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Beautiful Cheer : Painted Sticks

I love Winter!

Ok, I try to love winter! It's the cold part, and the shut inside part, and the grey skies which we seem to be
having a lot of at the moment due to the 'Winter' part.

Then, Kelly from Be a Fun Mum posted this (click here), and we just knew this was the way to keep our smile on our face and bring some color and cheer back into our Winter: Pretty Painted Sticks.

This is our version of pretty sticks. My girls loved this activity and while usually I groan when it comes to doing indoor painting with a three year old because the paint usually ends up everywhere - it didn't, the focus was on making those sticks bright and happy - and not everything else! While not as elaborate as the original post, they came out great and it was really fun -  Miss 3 and Miss 6 said so!

I say give winter the sticks - Pretty, colourful, sticks! It really is a burst of colour!

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  1. Winter is good for hats. I love having a good excuse to wear something woolly and potentially very unflattering (but soooo snug)! But I do like those happy sticks. And I bet they last longer than the few winter flowers I collect in a vase -- darn you central heating!


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