Friday, 22 June 2012

A very cool girl note!

I love Billy B Brown.

This girl is cool, this girl is fun, and this girl is learning how be a great friend, be responsible and learn some life lessons.
She is perfect for the little school girls in your life.

I know I kind of did a post on book love the other day but I really have to share this book series too.
My daughter Ella-Jewel is seven (by 4 days), and loves, loves, loves Billy B Brown, so much so that she dressed up as Billy this week at her schools 'celebrity' dress up day (Billy is famous with all Ella's school friends too). We gave her the book series for her birthday this week and you should have seen the smile.

These books are bright and cheerful and will make you smile too. They are perfect for girls aged 6 and up especially when they are reading on their own for the first time.

Check them out below (Sorry for the large amount of photo's but the cuteness factor of these books took completely over.)

Have fun with Billy, I totally love these books for young girls.

Do share below: What is your fave book recommendation for little grade 1 - 3 boys and girls? 
Do you remember your first book series you loved, what was it?


  1. I have a seven year old girl who is OBSESSED by the Billie B Brown books - OBSESSED! Which is fantastic since reading has been a bit of a struggle and hey, who doesn't want their girl child reading about such a smart, strong, sporty girl? Great books. My own memories of book series was of Choose Your own adventure. Loved those books. (Hey thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment too. Good to dust off the cobwebs and come back to that space).

  2. You can't beat choose your own adventure books = the best! Thank you for dropping by dotdot too Mel. I really enjoyed poking around your site and found it lovely and refreshing, I'll be back regularly for sure. xx

  3. I can't believe I haven't heard of these books before!! They sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Your girls would love them Kelly. Big W has the series for sale in a cute money box tin at the moment.


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