Sunday, 17 June 2012

Teacup Note!

I love teacups.

Vintage, modern, hand me downs, crazy, and whimsical - it does not matter because I love them all.

I think tea tastes so much better out of a favorite pretty cup. It's a moment during the day that brings a pause, a delightful sigh, and a special feeling.
Sharing a cup of tea out of pretty cups with a friend is also so wonderful and adds a touch of cheer to the 'tea party'.

I have started a teacup collection, inspired by my late Grandmother who I adored. As a little girl I would sneak into her "good dinning room" and peak into her display cabinet and spy on her crazy teacup set of fine china. I thought they were the most beautiful cups I had ever seen and could only wonder what tea would taste like out of them - i'm sure something between magic, flowers, sparkles, and oh so special!

Today her cabinet sits in my dinning area filled with those very same teacups. I still have not had a cup of tea out of them for fear of breaking the spell of my memories and the treasure I feel I have in them. Those cups make me feel close to her, they are a burst of  delicate prettiness just like she was.
I do have other beautiful teacups filling the cabinet now, and I do drink from and take pleasure in using and sharing them with friends. Some are old, some are new and modern, some are just so, so darn pretty.

Teacups are perfect.

Do share/comment below: What is your favorite type of tea?

Also, in other news:
Congratulations to Bianca from a little delightful. She is the winner of dotdot's childrens book giveaway.
This fun little book will be on it's way.

You must, must, must, check out Bianca's blog because it is wonderful, so fun and very pretty too.


  1. Oh thank you so much Elizabeth!! Not just for the gorgeous book ( I am so excited, thank you!) but for your lovely words and the shout out too. xx

  2. Thank you so much Bianca, I really do love a little delightful. Have a beautiful day and I hope a special moment for a cup of tea finds you. xx

  3. I am a teacup-a-holic. I have quite a nice little collection, mainly from antique shops with a few from my grandmother. I bring them out for special occasions.

  4. Sounds lovely Kathryn. Simply perfect. I love the spelling of your name it is so beautiful. Have a gorgeous day. xx

  5. Ahh how lovely that you now have your Grandma's collection. So special. I also love tea and teacups - the best! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and saying hello. x

  6. Hi Anna, I absolutely loved your blog. I'll will be visiting lots because it was so practical, full of 'truths' of life with family and really cheerful. I love blogs like yours.

  7. I love teacups too, any kind like you. I'm a collector of all kitchenware, crockery etc and now I think I can justify it with my blog! Nice to have memories of your grandma


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