Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Pink Birthday Cake Note - Part 2

I love a pink birthday cake.

I really, really do, especially lit up with candles and sitting in front of a very excited little girl with the look of wonder in her eyes.

Last night Ella- Jewel had her bowling party. It was a success.

14 girls, all very delighted to be a part of the disco bowling alley fun.
There were bowling balls and shoes (of course), pins falling, giggles, some dancing, then party food, balloons, presents, and "ta da" the cake! - Yes, the very one I had started last post - catch up here.

Light pink, coral, bright pink, and vibrant red layers smothered in pink icing and covered in sprinkles.

7 candles completed the magic.

Yes, the cake was home baked for sure and a little rough (ok... a lot!) around the edges - I am in no way a dazzling cake maker -  but it was delivered in love for my special 7yr old whom I adore and that's just perfect in my book, the way it should be.

I hope some yummy cake finds you this weekend.

Do share: What is your fave flavor cake?


  1. Pretty much any cake you make is my favorite for that moment - but I am a little biased cause I love the cake maker ��

  2. That's a love heart at the end, not a question mark - #commentfail #romancewreak ;-)


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