Thursday, 24 May 2012

Brownies oh so yummy note!

I love Brownies.
Chocolaty, gooey, cute (you got to admit they are very cute squares of goodness), and delicious on the taste buds.

Last night while sitting in the car waiting while hot hubby went and grabbed a loaf of bread and some milk from the big green w store, I happened to stumble across Bianca's new post from a little delightful blog and her flourless brownie recipe. I was sold, gone, just had to indulge.

I madly texted my friend to grab a block of 75% dark cocoa chocolate, dare he come back to the car without it. Needless to say an hour later, I had the yummiest brownies - the perfect sweet snack for the TV footy viewing that was happening.
Friend was happy, I was happy, and I think the word was happy, after all don't brownies make the world a better place!!!

Get Bianca's Flourless Fudgy Brownie Recipe here! - Thankyou Bianca they were delicious.
Ps. You must check out Bianca's blog, it is a special place with wonderful ideas for your family - you will be delighted. I always smile when I'm on her blog.

I added some walnuts to my batch.

What is your fave type of brownie??


  1. I love choc mint brownies. They are my fave.

  2. OH.MY.GOD. They look moist, fudgy, chewy, everything a brownie should be! I'm off to get that recipe immediately! (I've actually never cooked a brownie. I'm pretty sure that's about to change.) Kellie xx

  3. Oh Kellie, enjoy and enjoy. They are delicious. xx

  4. oh boy do they look yum with nuts in them!!! thanks for sharing Elizabeth xx and yes brownies do indeed make the world better! haha x

  5. Bianca, your brownies are to die for! I also love your blog too. Thank you for doing what you do, I always look forward to your posts. I wish you a beautiful night in this better world because of brownies ;)(lol). xx


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