Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday Wishes Note!

I love a birthday - anyone's because it's a day to make them feel amazing and special.

It's my birthday! 
Last week I celebrated another year. I love life and what each new 'birthday year' brings, there is so many possibilities. 

My fav 4 things that can make a birthday special: 

1. Time. Just 'being' and sharing the day or a moment with the birthday person.- truly magical.

2. Special location.  This one is for the sentimental: Having or taking someone to a beautiful place in nature is incredible for making one feel special. It's to remember the year that was and to dream into the year beginning. It does not have to be anything too fancy either.
Think of somewhere to 'be' for a place to sit, walk, or just lie on a rug - maybe with a picnic. Try a beach, rain-forest, under a lone gorgeous tree, somewhere with a view, or a creek, even the backyard, ...etc. - Ok, a cafe' counts ;)

3. A candle to blow out. So, so whimsical, pretty, and full of happy wishes. It could be on its own, in a big cake or piece of cake, slice, ice-cream, or a gift...

4. A card filled with thoughts of why 'you' love them. Everyone deserves to know why and just how they are special on their day. :)
Oh and kisses with hugs help too. x

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  1. Happy belated to you! Looks like you had a great day.

  2. Many happy [belated] returns Elizabeth. Your girls are just adorable! I always make a cake (even for me!) and for friends, gift box a cupcake or a couple of cookies to make a wish on.


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