Monday, 18 July 2011

Sweet Treats Note!

I love a sweet treat.

Just because you can, you should,you need to. 
A sweet treat is perfect when your working hard and just need a moment of ahhhhhh.

When your working hard what is your sweet treat break? 

Script writing is my kind of hard work.

Yep I made those eclairs and I promise to share the recipe soon - so easy and so, so very yummy.



  1. Love the look of those eclairs! can't wait for the recipe. I can definitely see those coming up as a 'sweet break' treat for me!

  2. Any chance you want to come to my house and cook up some of those eclairs ... please!!

  3. They do not disappoint :) - posting recipe next Monday so stay tuned and they are super easy. PS I love your blogs, so glad I found them.


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