Monday, 4 July 2011

Beautiful Food: The Best Fried Rice

I love fried rice.

Some days you just need comfort food in a bowl. This my lovelies does not disappoint.

The Best Fried Rice recipe:

1. Cook some rice. - I use absorption method with a good pinch of salt and jasmine rice. 1 1/2 cups feeds my family cause they love, love to gorge on this stuff. 
The secret to fried rice is to cook it in the morning/midday or an hour or two before cooking into fried rice as it will dry out giving you that fried rice texture and no glug. Just leave it uncovered in a bowl and with no water left in it.

Fried Rice Magic:

2. Wisk with fork two eggs and two tablespoons of milk in bowl. Then pour into a very lightly oiled, with peanut or vegi oil, medium heat fry pan and cook until firm and golden on one side - no need to flip. Remove from pan and when cooled cut into strips and then little rectangles etc. 

3. Chop some bacon (3 rashers), spring onions (the long narrow variety ) into pieces with scissors -in true 'Nigella' style. Dice up some mushrooms. Cook in a hot pan till the bacon is fried. Turn your pan down to medium - low.

4. Next add your rice to the pan and the fun part where the taste is up to you - sorry I have no quantities! I try and add subtle flavour not strong.

* Sprinkle some soy sauce over till the rice looks just slightly yellow - not too much though as soy is strong.

* Add some golden syrup for sweetness - again have a taste for balance. You want it slightly sweeter then soy salty, but not sickly sweet. 

* One tablespoon of oyster sauce -this adds some depth.

* A couple of splashes of lemon juice for acidity but you don't want to taste the lemon in the rice. 

* Add, a tiny drizzle of sesame oil for that nutty Asian taste. 

5. Add the diced egg back in. (you could also add peas, corn, ect...)
Place in a bowl and serve with rocket - this peppery flavour is so good against the rice - magical. 

There you have it - fried rice to gobble in comfort for one or many! 


  1. lovely! So glad I popped by to say hello. I adore all of your pretty paper and can see many of these would make adorable happy homes.

    Gorgeous Elizabeth...x

    Kellie xox

  2. Hello back. Thank you for stopping by and your kind thoughts. I love your blog, as I've just joined. Pretty paper is the best.

  3. I love bananas with custard when I'm feeling blue and sweet milky tea when I'm feeling fragile. But I could seriously have some of your fried rice for lunch!!! Oyster sauce - who knew?

  4. Bananas and custard sounds yummy and I am with you on the tea. I drink my tea out of a pink with white spots tea cup and it does the trick :)
    Oyster sauce - 8th wonder of the food world lol.


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