Monday, 27 June 2011

Time Out Note!

I love time out on pretty paper.

Life is busy. I don't know about you but it seems like Monday comes around real quick these days and the week long race is on. 
Going, coming, bills, school, housework, kids needing 'this' or 'that', cooking, washing, food shopping, my work, creating, coffee with friends, over here and over there - yep life is busy, good but busy. 

So it's time to stop and take time out.
Most days I take 10 min for me and I sit in a favourite spot and I simply stop.
When you stop you clear the mind, breath, relax, and allow your heart to wonder to dreams, ideas and desires that are just yours. It is magical.

Then, (on days I can), that 10min stretches out to 1/2 hr because I love to write down my thoughts, dreams, wishes and things that encourage or inspire my heart in a pretty journal - plus there is something about untouched blank paper ready to be filled (I can smell it's yumminess ;) ).
Maybe I will never read that page again or maybe I will months later in sweet reminiscing, but writing them down seems to help me ponder them better in the moment and keep them like a pretty treasure. Sometimes on other days I just sit and listen.

Do you take time out? What do you like to do that's your time and magical for you?



  1. I do take time out, usually for my morning coffee. I sit in the sun and read the latest magazine.

  2. That sounds so lovely, the sun warmth is really special when you get to sit in it. x


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