Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mothers Day Prep Note.

I love being a Mum.

My greatest joy was the day I became a mum.

I just love Mother's Day.

Think breakfast in bed with croissants and coffee... Ok, soggy toast and cold tea (made by Miss 5). 
Then, gifts of diamond earrings or Jimmy Choo shoes... Ok, bright pink fluffy slippers that don't quite fit (excitedly given by Miss 5 and Miss 2).
Then, a relaxing hand pedicure... Ok, crazy coloured nail polished splattered fingers (by Miss 5's artistic taste).

Oh I love Mother's Day, and I would not have it any other way then with my soggy toast, bright slippers, and crazy hands. 
I don't really care about what I get or what I am served but just that I have my adorable girls by my side. The best gift I ever received was becoming a mum.

However, if you want Mother's Day to be a special treat for you and you find yourself in a 'celebration fumble family'. Then hand the below list to: hubby, your children, or do this for your own Mum.  - It's ok to be a little direct about what you like for a fun day for you, just hinting never works. :)

1) Write a list of gift ideas that you would like to receive. This will help hubby and the kids out and avoid any unwanted toasters!!! ;) (unless you really want one!)

2) Wrap gifts in pretty paper. - A must to make you feel special. :)

3) Write what you love about your mum in a card.

4) Tell mum you love her on the day.

5) Tell your loved ones what you like to eat...

6) Tell your loved ones what you would like to do.

For us mums:
7) Be very excited, be ever so thankful, and receive the day's 'outcome' - soggy toast and all - knowing you are loved and those eager little smiles that hand over your breakfast or gift did so because they adore 
you = pure love.

 What do you look forward to the most on Mother's Day.



  1. I love Mother's Day just for the simplest things of dandelions in a vase...or getting to sleep in!

  2. not having to cook! ;)

  3. I am totally with the 'not having to cook' Cat.
    Elizabeth, a vase of dandelions sounds beautiful.


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