Monday, 24 November 2014

How To Do A Lipstick Photo A Day Challange

So it's no secret that I am a big fan of lipstick.

I love nothing more then changing my look by changing my lipstick and I just think, no I actually know, that lipstick can give a women a wonderful, confidence boost for any type of day or event she is about to have. Lipstick is powerful!

So a week or so ago I decided to do my own lipstick challenge via instagram which I am sure, if you follow me there, by the end you were inspired to get in and wear your own favourite lipsticks. Either that or your just thought that I had a case of the selfie love!!!

I do think every women needs to do a  7 day lipstick challenge to get some babe power and lipstick grrrrrrr going on. You may be amazed at the confidence and beauty you feel. Something so simple... So inspire yourself, me and your friends by your lip shade.

Here is the list if you want to copy mine or you can simply make up your own seven days of fun.

Let us spread the lipstick power for no other reason then for ourselves.

Day 1. Pretty Pinks
Day 2. Nude
Day 3. Gloss or Matte
Day 4. Orange
Day 5. Diva Red
Day 6. Hot Pink/Purple
Day 7. Your fave - I went for a berry red.

Tag your lipstick week of power @ohsobeautifullipstick and let me know @_allthatisbeautiful_ via instagram or upload to my facebook page here.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

All About Snail Mail Chats

In the last few weeks I have signed up to be apart of snail mail.

It is delightful. Gorgeous chats, cute knick-knacks, pretty paper and lovely surprises delivered in an envelop with a stamp. I am hooked.

It seems, with all this technology and social media that our ability to post a letter has slowly dissolved. Outside of online shopping deliveries and those bills, good ole' fashion letter sending has become obsolete (because it was sooooo long ago, right?). Not so, snail mail is alive and thriving.

Really it is all about having a pen pal and exchanging cute chats about yourself while asking the other about there life.
It is about sharing snippets of yourself with others and them back.

I am delighted  to receive a cute letter in the mail and you never know when one is coming. With a cute little theme it simply brightens my day and is a wonderful way to connect with others especially those from another city or walk of life.

Have you wanted to join?

To join it's very easy, you can simply ask a friend from another place, or find a beautiful babe through instagram under #snailmail

Are you game?

Kim Kardashian Can Go And Break The Internet But It Is Not Real Beauty

All week there has been pictures popping up in my social news feeds of Kim Kardashian and her nude pictures revealing herself to the world.

Whether you want to see these pictures or not you will because they are everywhere, if you haven't already.

I know that everyone is having a say and this plays into the hands of the media frenzy but I feel I must speak with my thoughts for the sake of the women and girls in my life.

These nude and very provocative photos have be hailed beautiful, that Kim has liberated us mothers proving that being a mum can still be "sexy".

"These photos are just a bit of fun...
It's art, bodies were made to be celebrated, she is only being true to herself, hey if you've got it why not flaunt it. 
That is what that magazine does - pushes boundaries.
She is a celebrity after all and this is what they do... 
Wow she sent the Internet into a frenzy, check her out, this is success."

...This stunt is sad.

I can't help but feel disappointed by Kim and disappointed for women everywhere.

I am disappointed that her celebrity status is used for one of promoting the objectification of her body to entice.
There is nothing beautiful about this but rather it just shows a women who is using her outward beauty in a way to promote "womenhood" in the very opposite way of what I would want for my own two girls and the women I know. This type of beauty is ugly beauty.

For me a women's greatest gift is her beauty because a women's beauty is powerful.
When a women understands her beauty she understands that it starts on the inside, what we call inner beauty. You've heard it said "it's not about the outward beauty but it's all about "inner beauty".

I believe it is about both.

Outward beauty comes from inward beauty and our outward beauty should be used to draw out and show our inward beauty. (Yes you may need to read this line twice, but pause and think on this.)

So what is inner beauty?

For me it is the knowledge and understanding that as a female you know your beauty is a gift created from having respect for yourself and knowing your value. You understand that your beauty will affect others.
This effect can be for greatness or it can play into the hands of a world that seemingly only wants to celebrate the objectification of a women's body, using it for self gratification, disrespect, even in jest  - for the sake of art!

When a women allows herself dignity and does not compromise to a standard of brazen revealing sexuality allowing her objectification by the world because of her assets, supposedly her only draw card, she has then tapped into true power and her true outward beauty, yes outward beauty.

When she steps out in the confidence of knowing her inner beauty she is powerful - very powerful.

This power draws others to her in quiet and gentle humility. Her self respect, honour, elegance, substance of character and even her classy, mysterious wonder is a magnet to the world - it is breathtaking and nothing on earth matches this.

This power makes her a  beautiful "stand out".

Her ventures, ambitions and passions get noticed and they ignite those around her creating a chain effect for others to want to know her, support her and respect her. Suddenly the value she brings to those close and even to the greater world is important to the point where it could change the world for someone or everyone. This is true beauty, inward and outward.

Outward beauty is the reflection of her inner beauty and this is her strength that shapes her world.
We can all think of a women who we have noticed at one time or another who is this beautiful.
Age, size, height, looks, race, culture, fame or non fame are irrelevant. It is every women who believes in her self, her value and the value that she brings.

This is the very opposite to the flaunting, brazen self-confidence for the "whatever sake" reason that Kim's photos represent to me.
These photos only promote that a women's value and strength comes in the form of being entertainment for others, objectification and gratification - this is weak, disrespectful, shows no value for ones inner beauty and nothing of substance is gained.

As a mother, I have a dream for my girls, that they get the chance to grow to be women who know the value they are and the value they can bring. I want them to be recognized as women who are full of worthy substance, strength, self respect, no compromise, elegance and that their outward beauty reflects there inward beauty as their greatest strength.

I want this for Kim too, for any women of influence and for you and me as women everywhere.

I know you can argue with me all the arguments why what Kim has done is not harming anyone really??? Or why some of us are taking it way too seriously but truth be told what is left from these photos?
For me it is the message that in this media world outward beauty still comes at any cost to a women's value no matter how beautiful her body is. Objectified success is still what we should all aspire too.
Yes this little silly stunt not to be taken too seriously sends a message of powerful weight that is dangerous for all.

I do fear that I and my girls will continually be up against this horrible message, the saddest part of all being that it is often perpetuated by female celebrities like Kim and one that does filters down to a 9 year old girl in Australia wondering and learning what beauty must be...

To Kim I would say: "Honey you can do better so show beauty that brings inward beauty of strength showing self -respect, value and the worthwhile. Great outward beauty brings greater responsibility to bring inner beauty". 

To my own girls I would say: "Don't believe the lie that your only value is the outward beauty you dare to reveal, you were born beautiful to give real value from your true inward beauty."

Just some thoughts. xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Beautiful Food: The Best And Easiest Sponge Cake Ever

Have you ever baked something new and the words "oh my" escape your lips at the end product? Well, that is exactly what happened to me this week.

It all started when I spied my friend Tash from over at Little Bit Of Thyme and her instagram picture of this amazing cake she was eating. I kid you not, that cake was calling me... so into the kitchen I went armed with Tash's Best Ever Sponge Cake Recipe - you can find it here.

The results speak for themselves.  

Moist, fluffy, light and delicious. I had to have two piece straight off the get go and then another. With coffee butter cream and a cup of tea or coffee it was the perfect treat.

I had never made a sponge cake before and have felt a little intimidated over the years at attempting one but Tash's recipe was really easy to follow and really easy to do. Now this cake is on my Oh So Beautiful Treats menue.

The best bit is that Tash shared with me that this particular cake has been handed down through her family making it an extra special recipe and one that I am grateful to experience.

Do you have a special family recipe that has been passed down to you?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Catching Up Thoughts, Come And Chat

I love the school holidays!

The girls are back at school this week and I am enjoying having an extra cup of coffee after returning from dropping them at their classrooms. At the same time, I am not enjoying the lack of noise and girly chatter that is usually in the background when the girls are at home.

I know some of you are celebrating the quite and I totally get that but I have to confess I love the noise. Spending time with or around my girls as they play is one of life's delights. It's about connecting with these little growing spirits and seeing just where they are at from their skills right through to their thoughts. I love it!

On the holidays we like to play a game called "My Favourite Things" (yes after that song).
Here I ask the questions and they get to answer and they have to answer with the first thing that pops into their mind.
Questions like: "what is your fave colour?" or "name a place you would like to travel to?" and "if you heart had a face what would it look like - smile, sad, silly...?"

Giggles, cuddles and love usually fill up this game as we play and it lets me have insight into their tiny minds and where they are at emotionally as well as their individual interest that often surprise me.

I love the school holidays because for me it is a special time to connect with my girls. I love connection with my girls.

How do you connect with your kids? Do you play special games?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beautiful Food: Bubble and Squeak On Purpose

I love Bubble and Squeak.

Do you remember this meal growing up, well this seemingly old fashion and rather dud meal is making me drool and I have added it to the family menu for Spring.

It is best known as the recipe for using up leftover veggies, which I contest for I am making this dish on purpose, from scratch and not an old, leftover vegetable is in sight.

For some reason, any meal that calls for using up those leftovers feels unexciting and even tedious to cook. Then, you can look forward to screwed up faces and moans at the table as you painfully force forkfuls of the food into mouths. Not anymore!

Bubble and Squeak is now a hero dish.

In my house I am begged for more and then some. The moans come from there being nothing left - no leftovers!!! (Ironic.)

Made on purpose and served with fresh ingredient favourites this dish has gone from unappetising to delicious.

The Recipe - Bubble and Squeak On Purpose.

4 potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
3 carrots peeled and cut into chunks
2 parsnips peeled and cut into chunks (optional)
Finely sliced shallots or leeks.
1 teaspoon of turmeric or curry powder (optional)
Salt and pepper.

Boil the root veggies until soft, around 20 - 30 minutes.
Drain and leave to cool. Fry gently the shallots or leeks.
Mash "chunkily" the cooled root veggies (we are not going for smooth here).
Add the shallots or leeks, turmeric and salt and pepper to taste - I do recommend being generous. Mix all through.
Make round patties from the mash and place on a plate. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm.
In a medium heated fry pan add a good splosh of garlic olive oil and a tablespoon of butter. Place patties in pan and cook on each side until a dark brown crunchy crust has formed.

Serve hot with: avocado slices, mung beans, baby spinach, a fried egg, garlic yoghurt dressing...

Too easy and so very yummy. Go for it on purpose.

If you cook it, share with me over on instagram with the tag #bubbleandsqueakonpurpose_atib
I would love to see your versions.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Beautiful - A Girl's Essential Mag

The Beautiful Book.

Dedicated to all primary school aged girls with love - You are beautiful - unique, special, individual, you! It's a cute handbook for girls as they navigate feelings, friends and the world around them. Super pretty, fun and easy to read, this magazine style book builds self confidence and healthy self esteem. There is heaps of ideas, tips and advice for making friends and getting past the bullies.

It is full to the brim of fun activities, games, party ideas and holiday fun in every season, with fashion, hair tips and all things glitter and gloss. There is even quizzes to giggle at and some yummy recipes to cook.

This book really is a girl's essential!

To buy is as easy as clicking on the "Buy Now" link below to download the PDF onto the device of your choice - iPad, android, iPhone, home pc and e-reader.


Every girl deserves to know that she is uniquely and individually beautiful as she grows.
Tell your daughter she is beautiful with this magazine book today.

Download Instructions:
To download book after payment purchase please click the "back to elizabethkfindlay site" link and it will redirect you to download the above book to your device of choice. This should take only a few minutes based on your Internet speed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at